Complete Habits is BACK!

What is COMPLETE Habits?

This 40 DAY CHALLENGE/COURSE is meant KICK-START body composition goals (more muscle/less fat) and build lasting nutrition and lifestyle habits through knowledge, accountability, interaction, and implementation.

  • We will focus on nailing the the habits that are PROVEN to provide the highest return and lead to lasting results.
  • Includes 2x InBody scans ($50 value)
  • Includes LONG LASTING, HEALTHY Habits (priceless value (: )

COMPLETE Habits Timeline

  •  Registration OPENS Friday, April 28th
  • Registration CLOSES Monday, May 8th

Before the challenge begins we will help all participants:

  • Form a personal accountability group
  • Join Complete Habits Facebook group

ON RAMP WEEK Begins Monday, May 15th

  •  In Person and Facebook Live Kickoff
  • In-Body assessments
  • Formation of accountability groups and game plan
  • Daily education and guidance on HABITS covered during challenge

EXIT/RETEST WEEK- Week of June 26th

  • Complete a 2nd InBody assessment to track progress
  • Tally all HABITS based points
  • Name winners and carry all our HABITS into long term success! 

COMPLETE Habits Winner will take home BIG PRIZES!

  • 1 winner will be determined by overall improvement AND consistency with their Habits over the course of this challenge
  • Last years winner (Michelle Stilwell) got to take a FRESH pair of kicks home!

TESTIMONIES from our last Habits Challenge:

Michelle Stilwell (Habits 2 Champion) lost an incredible 11lbs of body fat mass, saw a 4% decrease in body fat percentage, AND put on 1.3lbs of muscle mass– She had an overall consistency percentage of 89% with her Habits.

Dustin Whitmore saw a 2.6% decrease in body fat percentage and decreased his body fat mass by 2lbs. He also finished with our HIGHEST consistency percentage at a whopping 94%!

Amy Dawn Womack (Habits 1 Champion) hit her Habits at a 91% consistency, lost 3.7lbs of body fat mass, put on a pound of muscle, and dropped 2% body fat!

Susan McConnell had a Habits consistency percentage of 86%, decreased body fat mass by 3.7lbs, and dropped 1.6% in body fat percentage.

A REASONABLE and SUSTAINABLE approach to nutrition.

COMPLETE HABITS is meant to give realistic tools that last!

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