The “Complete Hunger Games” is the CFCW version of the CrossFit Games Open. This means it will consist of members from OUR gym only! Athletes will be split into teams with a pair of fearless co-captains and will compete with opposing teams for the chance to be FOREVER IMMORTALIZED at CFCW… 


  • 3 weeks long– ONLY 3 WORKOUTS! These workouts can be done in class but are encouraged to be done at our special event every week! (Friday night lights, Thursday throwdown, Saturday smackdown, etc.)
  • Weekly challenges – There will be a mid week challenge and a challenge before or during our Weekly open workout event.
  • It’s made for everyone! There will still be PLENTY of scaling and modifications offered to fit ALL skill levels
  • Your workout scores WILL NOT HURT YOUR TEAM by any means- participation, attendance, and other fun challenges will allow you to earn points for your team!


  • Registration opens – January 23rd
    • $30 entry fee (before reaping), $40 entry fee (AFTER reaping) – will go towards our weekly events, your team “Spirit Stick” that YOU get to design, prizes, and making this the best Open yet!
    • After signing up you will be billed through you normal membership account at CFCW.
    • If you want to be on a team of your choice, you will WAIT until after draft day (on 2/1) to sign-up for $40.
    • Signing up BEFORE 2/1 will be $30 but we will place you on a team. 
  • Draft Day – February 1st
  • REAPING Period – February  1-16
  • WORKOUTS – released on Thursday , they will be done as class workout for Friday. We will have a Friday or Saturday group event each of the 3 weeks.
    • Friday Night Lights 1 – Friday, February 17th
    • Saturday Smackdown 2 – Saturday, February 25th
    • Friday Night Lights 3 – Friday, March 3rd


When doing workouts for the Complete Hunger Games we will follow the exact standards from The CrossFit Open.

  • ALL athletes have the right/choice to scale the WOD beyond thier divsion standards for personal comfort, safety, and enjoyment BUT this will not count as a scored WOD.
  • When signing up for the Hunger Games, you can choose from RX or Scaled.

Here is a look into CrossFit’s divisions we will use for standards!

Rx’d – Do most workouts exactly as written in class. This is the most challenging option for experienced CrossFitters. Expect heavier loads and high skill gymnastics 

Scaled – Not quite ready to tackle the workouts as written? No problem. The scaled division offers classic scaling options for many of CrossFit’s common gymnastics movements and includes lighter loading. Choose this if you scale most class workouts or you are new to the Open.

If you cannot complete the workout as written we will modify it for you so you can STILL get a good workout in.

  • Work-outs will also vary by Age Groups. There are nine age group divisions offering Rx’d and scaled versions of the workouts for teenage athletes aged 14-17 as well as masters athletes ages 35+.
  • WOD’s are released every Thursday evening and can be done IN CLASS on Friday’s or at SPECIAL EVENTS
  • All scores must be turned in by Monday 
  • This is a COMPLETELY SEPARATE Registration from the Games with a goal of making the OPEN more entertianing and community based!
  • Registration money will be used to put on great events each week and for prizes! 


  • Compete on teams within your CFCW community for bragging rights, great prizes, and you team banner hung up in the gym!
  • Scoring will be within our gym only and is based off participation, attendance, spirit, and performance 
  • Teams will be led by a pair of captains 
  • Participants can choose to compete as an RX’d or Scaled athlete 
  • WOD’s will follow exact format of Games Open 
  • Athletes DO NOT need to sign up for the Games OPEN at

If athletes would like to participate in the worldwide Games OPEN than they are welcome and encouraged to sign up, BUT this will be an extra registration paid to HQ.   

Here are some facts/frequently asked questions about the Complete Hunger Games:

  • Do I have to pick my division and stick with it the entire Complete Hunger Games Cup? 
    • No. If you cannot complete the workout as written we will modify it for you so you can get a good workout in. HOWEVER– the score you put in Competition Corner will be what you completed as written. (Example: RX Workout calls for 50 Double Unders- 20 Handstand Push Ups- 20 Snatches- you complete the double unders and modify the handstand push ups to keep moving through the workout but the score you post in the CC will be 50).
  • Will my score hurt my team? 
    • NO! Absolutely not. We only take the top 2-3 scores from each team. So if you are not one of the top scores for your score will not hurt your team- BUT you earn points for your team based on participation! So just completing the workout will earn points for your team.
  • How do I earn points for my team? 
    • Most points are earned through participation and teamwork! We will have also have fun challenges throughout the week- these could be simple fitness related tasks, social media challenges or something to show your team spirit!
  • How are teams formed? 
    • We will have “draft day” and draw names on February 1st and place you on a team! OR you can wait to sign-up until after draft day (for $40) and pick the team you want.
  • Do I have to attend every Special  Event? 
    • No. You have from Thursday night until Monday evening to complete the workout. We will do the workouts during Friday class times, at events, or you can complete them on your own.
  • What happens at Friday Night Lights? 
    • Magic! We will run the workouts in heats and you will have a judge to count all our reps. It is set up like a CrossFit Competition but has all your buddies there to cheer you on!
  • Should I participate in the Complete Hunger Games? 
    • Yes. You will be sad if you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or a newbie. We will take care of you and make sure you have a wonderful time!

If you have ANY questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Croy or Savannah (:


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