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At Complete West Health & Performance, each one of your classes will be led by one of our certified instructors and approximately lasts 60 minutes. 

Typically, (depending on which strength cycle we’re on) each class consists of a thorough warm-up, a strength or skill session, and a conditioning piece at the end. 

Depending on the class time/day, our classes average about 8-15 people. It’s almost like personal training in a group setting! One of the many benefits of group classes? Having people around you to hold you accountable and motivate you (: 


We currently offer two different membership options at Complete West Health & Performance: 

  • Unlimited classes: $165
  • 3x a week: $150

3x a week the best fit for you starting off? You can switch it up each week and come Mon/Wed/Fri, Tue/Thurs/Sat, any 3 classes each week! 

We don’t suggest coming to 2 classes in one day (since it will be the same workout), but BOTH memberships include access to our extra area where you’re able to (safely) perform any exercise/workout you like. 

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