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Please help us in congratulating our JANUARY #SERVICE Member of the Month…


**  Brought to you by Reclaim Aesthetics & Wellness  **

Cody is a staple of the 8:30am crew and always brings it. He never shys aways from a little back and forth or a friendly competition with John in the morning!

Cody is no stranger to service. When he’s not working for OKC Fire he’s hanging out with his daughter, being an amazing husband to Hayden of course, and is even on the Yukon school board. What a guy!


The CFCW community actively seeks out opportunities to serve. Whether it is inside or outside the gym, we exist to better serve the community by showing kindness, empathy, and selflessness.

Cody perfectly embodies our principle of #SERVICE every single day. Whether it’s in the gym or in life, he’s always looking for ways to go the extra mile to help others.

Mornings wouldn’t be the same without you Cody, the CFCW community is lucky to have you!

BAF Day is BACK! – Thursday, January 19th

  • West members are once again welcome to bring any friends/family to ANY class time!
  • 5:30a / 8:30a / 3:30p / 4:30p / 5:30p / 6:30p
  • We’ll also have a rep from TRIAD setup handing out various supplement samples that we carry!

You’re not gonna want to miss out!

(reminder baf day’s are the only opportunity to bring friends to class with no CF experience)

COMPLETE OAKS celebrates and recognizes our most consistent members over a full year. (watch the video for some exciting stuff!)

“Oaks have always been praised for their resilience. This is because this tree species is robust and can withstand the most adverse conditions. Thus, in the course of history, the oak quickly became a symbol of strength, endurance and a long life”

  • Trained and Logged their workouts 225+ Days in 2022
  • This shows their incredible consistency of training 4-5x weekly ALL YEAR and practices the importance of logging, which we know is HUGE for long term success
  • Completed and Logged 150+ Class workouts in 2022 (3+ per week)
  • The HEART of who we are is sharing a common daily experience. Shared suffering and common goals drives our mission
  • Show discipline despite circumstance or feelings. All on this list have faced obstacles and measurable resistance in 2022, but they remained steady!

Susan McConnell
Abigail Poulin
Griffin Mouse
Dyllan Nuzum
Brandon Stone
John Pinnick

John Pinnick won the 2022 OAK Wheel Prize, provided by Chase Buck Realty and Reclaim Aesthetics & Wellness

Coaches Corner

Complete West Health and Performance is ever changing, growing, and always looking for ways to improve. This included adding some all stars to our coaching staff in 2022! We’ll be spending the next few weeks highlighting and getting to know your newest coaches (:

Meet Griffin Mouse

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Claremore, OK and then my family moved to Sand Springs, OK in 1996.

What made you start CrossFit?

I was into the body building exercise in high school and college. I plateaued in my early twenties and came across an introduction to CrossFit video on YouTube. Started doing CrossFit in the Spring of 2013.


What made you want to become a CrossFit Coach?

If I didn’t end up in Occupational Safety and Health, I was going to a high school football coach. I always felt that comfort of teaching and training others to do something I was somewhat found of. So I found my training/coaching niche in CrossFit starting in 2017 at CrossFit 66.


What’s your favorite thing about West?

I have really enjoyed the people. There is just something about working out with the same people everyday and going thru some type of tough physical and mental workouts with each other. I think the workouts tend bond individuals and brings camaraderie amongst each other.


What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?

Savannah and I taking the boys to playgrounds or pools on a nice summer day… and golfing. Lots of golfing.


If you were going to take wifey on a date, what would you do?

I would take her to the best Sushi spot in town and then we would go get a couples massage or concert together.

What’s one of your guilty pleasures?!

Cookie Monster Ice Cream or Cookie Monster Cheesecake

Band of Savages UPDATE – Zac

What are your 2023 goals?

The goal of the BAND OF SAVAGES is to find and reward those who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of elite, well rounded fitness.

New LEVELED Band of Savages

  • See all new Standards at bottom of post!
  • The BOS has been fantastic, BUT was not seen as realistic for most causing it to fizzle out! I have faith that we will see MORE FULL SAVAGES, but to increase effectiveness and participation….


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold (these standards are the same as original)
  • There are 11 categories that hold different benchmarks.


  • To enter the “Band of Savages” you must obtain 30+ of the 51 benchmarks and at least 1 in each of the 11 categories EXCEPT gymnastic skill. This is meant to be TOUGH and reward the dedicated, LONG TERM pursuit of well rounded fitness
  • There are THREE levels to obtain in the BOS in each test and overall. BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD.
  • to achieve the BOS BRONZE, you must have 30 or more of the BRONZE Standards
  • to achieve the BOS SILVER, you must have 30 or more of the SILVER Standards
  • to achieve the BOS GOLD, you must have 30 or more of the GOLD Standards
  • All movements and standards are held to COMPLETE standard
  • Performance measures must have been accomplished within last 24 months
  • Performance measures must be logged on the official “Band of Savages” scorecard and then your scorecard validated by a coach to enter the BOS.
  • “Band of Savages” is based on the honor system, but true savages never lie
  • Once you are in, you are in. This is a lifetime membership to the BOS. However, a true savage knows when they are no longer a savage and removes themself
  • Open are under 40 years of age, Masters are 40+ years of age, Legends are 55+ years of age


  • GOLD Members will receive a picture on the Wall of Savages, a Band of Savages tee shirt, respect from their peers, and a lifetime of honor
  • SILVER Members will a custom BOS Mug and Public recognition
  • BRONZE Members will custom BOS Sticker and Public recognition


We want YOU!

This years Hunger Games are coming back with more excitement and fun than last year!
Are you ready!?!??

Our search has begun for this years Hunger Games Captains!

This is a virtual meeting where we will give details on what being a captain entails. If you have any interest at all, join us for this online meeting.

Thursday Jan 12 @ 7pm – FB LIVE

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Only people who are ready to have a GOOD TIME!

Programming Update

6 week Open Prep Programming Cycle

Principles and Purpose

  • Training to be well rounded with a systemized attack on all aspects of fitness with a fun and effective mix of strength, skill, and conditioning
  • To generate excitement and camaraderie through training for a shared experience in preparing for and participating in The OPEN
  • Training should remain relevant and effective for those who simply want to look/feel/perform their best. (No interest in OPEN)

Remaining true to COMPLETE programming principles means that we will continue to train in a way that supports our philosophy of health, consistency and longevity. In order to accomplish YOU MUST…

  • Focus on movement quality! The volume is high during this phase, therefore quality is VITAL!
  • HIT THE STIMULUS – hone in on what your coaches are asking of each piece. This will keep you feeling good and squeezing the most out of each session!

Customizing for Goal and Fitness Level – Are you training in a way that supports YOUR GOALS and YOUR FITNESS LEVEL?

Members will choose one of the following tracks:


  • I have a strong desire to perform well in the OPEN and as a CrossFit athlete as a whole
  • My priority is to see my 1RM numbers go up and my physical performance IN THE GYM is a top priority
  • I have 6 months or more weight training/CrossFit experience
  • I am proficient in all movements and closing in on muscle memory
  • I understand this track is harder on my body, the reward is worth it for me.


  • I value my performance, BUT my top priority is improving my health and having maximum energy and vitality. I want to look, feel, and perform my best outside of the gym
  • I would love to get stronger, but my numbers are of little importance to me in comparison to the way I look and feel
  • I have less than 6 months of weight training experience
  • I am still learning to master the movement patterns

Does YOUR choice support YOUR goals and YOUR experience level?

As many of you know, we’ve been battling with our plumbing over the last year and we’ve both traded some blows…
After finally getting ahold of our neighbors to get our septic tank emptied a few months ago, we thought that was the KO punch to our plumbing issues for good… Until I was sneak attacked a few weeks ago during 4:30 class and the sewage started backing up through the drain in the floor
Sammie came in clutch and got us a late night plumber and after snaking the line, they found some type of “pre-wrap” for athletic injuries had been flushed down the toilet.
To help keep our bathrooms in top condition and avoid any more big plumber bills for the time being.. PLEASE make sure that you are flushing ONLY toilet paper and dropping paper towels and/or feminine products into the trash.
As always if there are ANY issues that you come across with our facility please let us know, we appreciate you all!
Big shoutout and thank you again Sammie!

It’s baaaack…

Only 37 days away… Will your team be forever immortalized at CFCW?

CONGRATULATIONS to our DECEMBER Committed Club and Platinum Club! WAY TO BE #COMMITTED!

Committed Club Platinum Winner: Jamie Suthers !

Committed Club : 13 + Classes

Craig Allen
Griffin Mouse
Kaci Altgilbers
Kathy Stilwell
Tim Moore
Carie Allen
Sarah Buck
Caitlyn Pitchford
Lindsey Barrie
Meagan Pinnick
Nikki Clarke

Platinum Club : 16 + Classes

Jamie Suthers
Lyndsey Holsinger
Steve Leckrone
Susan McConnell
Brad Darcey
Eric Nail
John Pinnick
Kristen Jackson
Megan Warren
Chad Forte
Rod Bowie
Brandon Stone
Emily Forte
Julian Barrie
Laura Cardon

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Tyce Jones

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