The “Complete Hunger Games” is the CFCW version of the CrossFit Games Open. This means it will consist of members from OUR gym only! Athletes will be split into teams with a pair fearless co-captains and will compete with opposing teams for the chance to be FOREVER IMMORTALIZED at CFCW… 

  • 3 weeks long- ONLY 3 WORKOUTS! These workouts can be done in class but are encouraged to be done at our special event every week! (Friday night lights, Thursday throwdown, Saturday smackdown, etc.)
  •  It’s made for everyone! There will still be PLENTY of scaling and modifications offered to fit ALL skill levels 
  • Your workout scores WILL NOT HURT YOUR TEAM by any means- participation, attendance, and other fun challenges will allow you to earn points for your team!
  •  $30 entry fee (before reaping), $40 entry fee (AFTER reaping) – will go towards our weekly events, your team “crest” that YOU get to design, prizes, and making this the best Open yet!
  • It all kicks off with our first Friday Night Lights on 2/17!! AND Nick Mertes will be set up and sampling various home brews that he’s been working on… (:

This is meant to be FUN and ENCOURAGING and you are ALL invited to participate. The Open is the most exciting time of year at CrossFit gyms around the World and at CFCW! We are so excited for another year of COMMUNITY and FITNESS !

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