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Please help us in congratulating our OCTOBER #PURPOSE Member of the Month…


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At CFCW, we believe that PURPOSE driven people use their “why” to always move forward- no matter what they’re facing. These people have a clear passion for health, fitness, and helping others and it is clearly evident on a daily basis.

Josh is a staple at our evening classes and shows up every day ready to put in the work. He’s one of the most laid back athletes that we have and it makes him easily coachable, something we all appreciate! Josh knows better than anyone what it takes to fight through adversity and come out on the other side STRONGER than before. Keep setting the example!


THANK YOU Josh for being a purpose driven person and for being such a great athlete, dad, and friend. We’re lucky to have you as part of the CFCW family!

Complete West Health and Performance Presents… A SPOOKY SPECIAL Bring a Friend Day!

  • Wednesday, October 26th
  • ALL friends and family are welcome to join ANY class time
  • 530am/830a/330p/430p/530p/630p
  • **Kids trick-or-treating starts at 5pm… more info to come!

Head over to our event page and let us know you’re coming!


Matt Ellison is the latest winner of one of COMPLETE’S most prestigious honors. This award is given to ONE athlete from both COMPLETE locations every 6 months.

The award is given to an athlete who strives for perfection in their movement. They consistently pay attention to details and are always looking to perfect their craft. They always move with intention and are extremely coachable.

They do the common uncommonly well. They consistently adhere to the all important principle of mechanics, then consistency then finally intensity.

The best movers are always the fittest athletes and Matt is a perfect example. Matt is an absolute MACHINE that moves with purpose and precision.

He puts in tons of work outside of class making the MACHINE better! Most importantly, he does it all with a big SMILE while always encouraging others!

Matt we see you and we appreciate you!

Welcome to Complete West Compete

Are you an intermediate/experienced CrossFitter that is interested in competing? 

COMPLETE WEST COMPETE is an additional programming option designed to scratch an athlete’s competitive itch.  Interested athletes must be:

  • COMMITTED to excellence in movement quality and conduct in the gym.
  • CONNECTED to the Complete West Health and Performance community.  The competitor track is designed to augment, not replace, the existing CW community.  Cliques WILL not be tolerated.
  • COACHABLE athletes accept feedback from coaches and other athletes with an open mind, check their ego at the door, and are committed to honest self-reflection.

Want more information? Follow the link below or get in touch with coach Nick Altgilbers!

Be a friend… tell a friend… BRING A FRIEND!

Do you have friends that you’ve always wanted to bring to the gym? Do they see your Facebook posts and ask you, “what’s this crazy CrossFit thing about”? 😅

Well starting in October and EVERY MONTH moving forward, you’ll get the chance to show them!
We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be having a MONTHLY Bring a Friend Day at Complete West Health and Performance, on the 3rd Thursday each month.

We’re always looking to build our community and if your friends are as amazing as you guys are, we want to meet them! 😊

Our first BAF will take place WEDNESDAY, Oct. 26th
– this will be a free, 60 min. class that can be modified to fit any and all skill levels –

Reminder that this is the ONLY TIME people with no CrossFit experience can come try out a class.

Classic CrossFit served COMPLETE Style- Fall 2022

What to expect in your weekly Class Programming

Longer, aerobic classic CrossFit style WOD’s

  • This could be higher volume WOD’s, chippers, single modality Met-Con pieces like a 5K Row OR intervals serving the same couplet/triplet stimulus
  • Include specific warm-ups and skill/movement development which will apply directly to that day’s WOD.
  • Generally 1x weekly

True “Heavy” days that follow Strength TRACK Descriptions

  • We will focus on delivering a heavy stimulus in more classic CrossFit fashion. Think 5×5 across, 7 x 1 building to a heavy, or 10-8-6-4-2 increasing load as examples.
  • Movement patterns will vary and produce variety with the heavy stimulus
  • Expect use of waves, cluster sets, and aerobic/active rest
  • Generally 1x weekly

CrossFit Sweet Spot WOD’s

  • These workouts will generally be couplets and triplets within the 8-12 minute range OR intervals serving the same couplet/triplet stimulus
  • They will be accompanied by a specific warm-up or Grease the Groove/OTM skills that apply to that WOD, simple gymnastic strength or structure work, or our GEARS based approach
  • Generally 2x weekly

Skills/Drills sessions

  • These days will focus on practicing and developing higher level skills OUTSIDE of the confines of intensity, scored reps, or a demanding clock

Structure work

  • These sessions, often done before or after CrossFit Sweet Spot WOD’s, are meant to help maintain strength and continue to build the physical structures of the body and keep us injury free


  • Will remain Partner/Team /interval pieces, etc with a goal of serving a larger group with fun, effective day of full body training

Shoutout to our #HABITS crew!

Congratulations are in order for our members that just finished up Complete Habits Phase 2!

This group took a 40 day journey tracking their consistency across 8 different habits that have hopefully made now made their way into their daily/weekly routines. They worked HARD on things such as: protein intake, getting adequate sleep, incorporating daily movement and quiet time into their day, and focusing on WHOLE foods.


Michelle produced some mind blowing results during our 40 days of Habit Tracking!

She lost an incredible 11lbs of body fat mass, saw a 4% decrease in body fat percentage, AND put on 1.3lbs of muscle mass. She had an overall consistency percentage of 89% with her Habits, AND did I mention that she did all of this with a trip to Disney World packed in?! Michelle is proof that you can still enjoy vacation, time with family/friends, and make progress towards your goals.

We are SO proud of our Phase 2 Champion Michelle, and all of our Habits participants. We saw some great progress!

Sonia Hayes / Jennifer Mcsparrin / Susan McConnell / Michelle Stilwell / Amy Womack / Amy Fraire-Endsley / Cooper Fanning / Dustin Whitmore / Ashley Wall / Pam Kennedy / Crystal Pearson

Our annual in-house competition is LIVE!

This is our improved quest to find COMPLETE’s most well rounded duo!

  • WHO? ALL LEVELS CAN DO THIS COMP INCLUDING ROOKIES! – a great opportunity for those that are new to competing
  • WHEN? Saturday, November 12 – 8:00am-4:00pm (approx.)
  • WHERE? CrossFit Complete in Midwest City, OK

Want more information?



CONGRATULATIONS to our SEPTEMBER Committed Club and Platinum Club! WAY TO BE #COMMITTED!

Committed Club Platinum Winner: Amy Womack !

Committed Club : 13 + Classes

Kathy Stilwell
Kristen Ann Jackson
Lindsey Dawn
Sarah Buck
Ashley Wall
Brad Darcey
Craig Allen
Eric Nail
Griffin Mouse
Julian Taylor
Kayla Sowell
Lisa Leckrone
Dustin Whit
Sonia Hayes

Platinum Club : 16 + Classes

Susan McConnell
Erica LaFollette
Lyndsey Holsinger
Rod Bowie
Chad Forte
Emily Forte
Jamie Suthers
John Pinnick
Michelle Stilwell
Amy Womack
Brandon Stone
Kaci Altgilbers
Pam Kennedy
Savanah Dirickson
Steve Leckrone
Caitlyn Pitchford
Curtis LaFollette

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and get in on the fun! 



Suzette Ellison Jordan

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