Welcome to Complete West Compete

Are you an intermediate/experienced CrossFitter that is interested in competing? 

COMPLETE WEST COMPETE is an additional programming option designed to scratch an athlete’s competitive itch.  Interested athletes must be:

  • COMMITTED to excellence in movement quality and conduct in the gym.
  • CONNECTED to the Complete West Health and Performance community.  The competitor track is designed to augment, not replace, the existing CW community.  Cliques WILL not be tolerated.
  • COACHABLE athletes accept feedback from coaches and other athletes with an open mind, check their ego at the door, and are committed to honest self-reflection.


  • Weekly competitors programming for Complete West Health and Performance members (must be enrolled in the “Unlimited” option)
  • Access to the COMPLETE WEST COMPETE private Facebook group
  • This will be a standalone program.  Participation in Complete West Health and Performance standard group classes will take place on Thursday & Saturday.
  • Access to competitor program will be an additional $30 per month.
  • One coach led competitors class per week (prior to community WOD on Saturday)
  • Designed to be completed in 90min per day


  • Any athlete who wants to level up their CrossFit game and take their training to a higher level.
  • Athletes who want to compete in the sport of CrossFit
  • Athletes who have competed in multiple Open seasons and have qualified for quarterfinals, or have competed or want to compete in local competitions on a team or as an individual.

Coach Nick Altgilbers will have a meeting at the gym this Saturday, 10/8 for those interested in hearing more about Complete West COMPETE!

The meeting will happen immediately following the 9:30 am class. Nick will discuss all the details and answer any questions for the program. If you are interested in coming let us know through our event page below!

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