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Please help us in congratulating our SEPTEMBER #CONSISTENCY Member of the Month…


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We asked Ashley to share a few words on what #CONSISTENCY means to her:

“Consistency for me has been setting a goal this year to be in class 3-4 days a week and over time it’s become just how I plan my days and weeks. Just showing up even on the mornings that are hard and working through it and doing what I can. Those days I’m the most thankful for getting myself up and to the gym. If I’m consistent then I should improve and be able to look back at my year and see how far I’ve come. The 5:33am crew makes it easy to want to be there. ”

Consistency is KEY. Whether it’s in the gym, in work, or in life, showing up day after day and giving your best promotes growth and life gains!

THANK YOU for being a CONSISTENT athlete, friend, and a joy to be around. the CFCW community appreciates you Ashley!


We have a NEW SAVAGE.

Congrats Nick Altgilbers !!

He is officially a GOLD LEVEL SAVAGE

This is our highest level of SAVAGE. He has proven well rounded fitness by hitting 30 or more feats of power, strength, skill, and endurance

“Civilize the mind, but make SAVAGE the body”


New shirt design is LIVE !


Sample shirts are available to try on at the gym. (All items are Bella Canvas )

** S-L $25 / XL – 3XL $27 **

You asked… we heard you!

Starting 9/19 the 9:30am CF class will be moving to 8:30am – this will be for Mon-Fri ONLY. Saturday 9:30 will remain.

We hope this works a little better for those that enjoy an earlier, COOLER class time.


Our Annual STRENGTH CYCLE is coming to a close. We have just a couple more weeks of putting in the work, followed by a BENCHMARK Week.

  • Do your best to stay locked in and give your best effort in these final strength biased weeks – it will pay off big time!

Why is Slowing down and focusing on strength is so important?

  • Strength is a key component to building muscle, which is the most powerful tool for raising metabolism and keeping to you lean FOREVER
  • Strength training is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE for improving body composition compared to “metcons” or “cardio”
  • Strength often “unlocks” the path to higher level skills and movements. If you want to do pullups, handstand push-ups, complete workouts as RX’D, have a big clean and jerk, and give yourself the potential to complete any workout or movement. Strength is the foundation
  • Enjoy the slower paced strength sessions. Embrace the opportunity to focus on lifting heavier and perfecting movement. Let’s get STRONG!

Following COMPLETE Strength, we will move back to a Classic CrossFit block.

Have you ever wondered what our yearly approach to programming looks like? Check out the short video below!

Shoutout to our O2 #COMMUNITYCOALITION winners so far!

Keep an eye out for the whiteboard above to be out in the saloon… If so, you’ll have the chance to win a free 02 AND a $100 gift card to 5 of your favorite CrossFit brands!

Make sure to post a picture with your O2 in the closed group!

Here are a few good ways to prevent heat illness this summer:

  • Stay hydrated properly with water and diluted electrolyte drinks (like DEFINE Hydrate etc.). When the body becomes dehydrated it loses its ability to properly cool itself.
  • Make sure you acclimatize to your environment; if you spend all day indoors in a controlled environment you are more likely to suffer from heat related illness when you exercise in the heat.
  • Remember to rehydrate after daily exercise; hydration is key to preventing heat related illnesses.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing; synthetics are best for wicking water from the skin.
  • STOP when you need to STOP! Let a coach know if you are feeling sick, light headed or unwell!

CONGRATULATIONS to our AUGUST Committed Club and Platinum Club! WAY TO BE #COMMITTED!

Committed Club Platinum Winner: Craig Allen !

Committed Club : 13 + Classes

Amanda Fobes
Amy Womack
Emily Forte
Jennifer Mcsparrin
Steve Leckrone
Ashley Wall
Dustin Whitmore
Garry Savvas
Kensley Krien
Michael Manuele
Tony Manuele
Betty Puebla
Chad Forte
John Pinnick
Megan Warren
Sammie Seal

Platinum Club : 16 + Classes

Susan McConnell
Caitlyn Pitchford
Jamie Suthers
Lyndsey Holsinger
Brad Darcey
Griffin Mouse
Kaci Altgilbers
Austin Dobbs
Erica LaFollette
Rod Bowie
Kathy Stilwell
Brandon Stone
Curtis LaFollette
Eric Nail
Nic Bailey
Sarah Buck
Kerry Patton
Kristen Jackson
Michelle Stilwell
Andy Lewis
Craig Allen
Justin Fobes
Karyssa Rosales
Pam Kennedy
Savanah Dirickson

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