Complete Habits – Phase 1

Our Habits crew at West is deserving of some MAJOR shout-outs! Let’s highlight a few of our members that completed the program. Please help me in congratulating every one of them!

Amy had to overcome some adversity during Habits! She traveled frequently, but the way she was able to adjust, plan, and stay on track was truly amazing! She works very hard and lets her results do the talking. I’m excited to share the progress she made: She lost 7.2lbs of body fat mass, put on 1lbs of muscle, and her body fat percentage dropped by 3.6%!!! She also had a Habits consistency percentage of 92%. Amy never missed a day of her goals around fruits/veggies, water, mindful eating, and training.

I joined habits just to have a little bit of accountability with friends. I was blown away with all of the information and great tips I learned from Sarah. Simple things you never think about that help your journey so much!

Amy Womack – Habits Phase 1 Champion

Down 4.8lbs of body fat mass and 1.2% of body fat percentage!!! Crystal had to travel some during Habits and she did a stellar job staying consistent and finding that balance between living her life but sticking to her biggest goals. She asks questions, helps others, sees the big picture, and does it all while mommin’ like a champ!

The thing I most enjoyed doing Habits was the accountability group. Being able to lean on others with similar goals was so helpful. We were able to discuss each days tasks and help encourage one another through each step that built on a strong foundation. I also truly enjoyed Sarah live check ins and Q&A sessions to be able to understand different topics regarding the habits. I also really enjoyed the days when we would get to see a day in the life of … where we saw everything someone ate from sun up to sun down. It gave me fresh eyes and new ideas on what may work for me.

Crystal Pearson

Michelle works SO HARD! I had no idea how busy her schedule is until I got to know her a bit better during Habits. She is constantly on the go! She showed great consistency by having a plan, and had a Habits consistency percentage of 96%!!! She also lost 5.2lbs of body fat mass

There were several things I enjoyed during Habits! The fridge, freezer, and pantry clean out before we got started. Really looking at the things you had on hand. Then organizing it. I thought the weekly Facebook lives with Sarah were very helpful and informative. One of the other things I liked was seeing what others ate and how they do things. A day of eating with Whitney, Julian, and Chase was very helpful.

Michelle Stilwell


This 40 DAY CHALLENGE/COURSE is meant to jumpstart body composition goals and build lasting nutrition and lifestyle habits through knowledge, accountability, interaction, and implementation.

  • We will focus on nailing the habits that are PROVEN to provide the highest return and lead to lasting results.
  • Includes 2 In-Body Assessments ($100 value)
  • All led by our certified Precision Nutrition coach, Sarah Buck!
  • This is PHASE 2 of 3 for 2022… Don’t miss out!

Spots have been limited to 14 participants to keep high engagement and high accountability from each participant. We feel the smaller group setting will help to achieve a more structured and personalized approach to learning. Our goal is 100% completion and 100% success rate.

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